Adventures with RCAHMW – 8

Bardsey Island in one snapshot:


It captures the day for me, but cannot contain the sense of space and light that is so striking about being on the island.  It cannot pass on to you the sense of being close to the elements, or that particular kind of peace that comes as a welcome reprieve as all the demands of modern life in a technological age fade away.

Of course, as I am writing that, I am making use of technology to tell you about it.  Yet there is a difference between using technology as a tool and allowing it to swallow your life.  It’s a mistake to forget that we belong to a real physical world in all its wonder.  And it was sitting with the seals that brought this home to me.  Their mournful singing summed it all up, stirring in me that mysterious longing to be part of a better world that is just beyond reach.  Maybe that is why one of the first visitors to this place built a monastery here in 516, and why it has been an important centre of pilgrimage since that time.  Capturing that, through words, music, sound or visual image, would capture the heart of the Bardsey Island experience.





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