Adventures with RCAHMW – 5

There are now twenty six drawings in the ‘Lost and Found’ series, and it is possible that they will become the basis for more complex work.

laf 23Part of the ‘Lost and Found’ series – A4 – Carmen Mills

I began this work just before I began my residency at the Royal Commission in January, but it has been energised by a project currently underway, the U-boat Project, which is headed by Deanna Groom, senior maritime investigator at the RCAHMW.  This project is investigating the seventy one U-boats that are on the seafloor between Wales and Ireland, about which little is known.  I am keeping up to date with information about the project on the RCAHMW website.

laf 21

Part of the ‘Lost and Found’ series – A4 – Carmen Mills

In these drawings I have made marks and then deliberately lost them, finally bringing back echoes of what was lost to make a composition.  This is very much an archaeological process for me as I draw.  It is also an archaeological process for the viewer, as a visual excavation has to happen in an attempt to make sense of what is seen.

laf 13

Part of the ‘Lost and Found’ series – Carmen Mills

Looking at these images, I can see that they are not just archaeological, but a starting point for making images that reference the difficulties coped with by people who live with dementia.  This is a theme being considered by the Commission, as they explore ways of opening up the resources of their extensive archive to the community.  It has become more and more a part of my thinking ever since the ‘Explore Your Archives’ event held by the RCAHMW last November, when the subject of dementia was directly addressed.  Archives are invaluable, not just to artists and archaeologists, but also to the community at large.


One thought on “Adventures with RCAHMW – 5

  1. I can see the connection between your drawings and their relevance to both archeology and dementia. They evoke to me the seeming loss of detail and order in both worlds. It’s interesting seeing your work develope, keep pushing on!

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