Adventures with RCAHMW – 2


Tales of Avalonia 2

‘Tales of Avalonia 2’, A3, pencil on paper – Carmen Mills

My first contact with the Royal Commission was in connection with one of their ‘Explore Your Archives’ days, in 2015, when I was approached to contribute to the event by running a workshop.  I worked with another MA student on wall size collages, and we had quite a bit of interest as attendees came to see what we were doing with visual resources from the National Monuments Record, and joined in.  The result was a striking 6’x8′ black and white wall collage made from a whole range of images and maps.  I realised then what a wonderful resource the Commission is for Wales, and I decided to volunteer.


Shortly after, I went on a guided tour of the Commission Archives.  I was struck by the clean vertical and horizontal lines of the storage system, and began to fill a small notebook with drawings.


From these simple drawings I began to develop much larger finished drawings, using archaeological tools.  I drew onto Permatrace paper and then used fine excavation tools to make the marks on the paper, which was then covered in graphite.


from ‘Archive 1A’, A3, graphite and pencil on paper – Carmen Mills

The results were evocative, and made me think of sand blowing across the surface of a stone tablet as it is brought out of the depths of a Middle Eastern archaeological site.  A romantic view perhaps, but one that demonstrates a relevant example of an archaeological imagination at work.





One thought on “Adventures with RCAHMW – 2

  1. Loved this post Carmen! Lovely to see clearly how your work has developed along side your connection to the RCAHMW. Really exiting to see inside your notebooks too!!! Feels like a real privalage and insite into your thought processes. Looking forward to seeing more, Sarah

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