25 August 2011

My first attempt at making an abstract map.



  Carmen Mills  –  ‘Rumour has it’, approx 8′ x 5′, ink and collaged map on paper.


The map ‘Rumour has it’ is a development of the main aim of my practice, which is to construct pictorial space with an archaeological narrative.  The map which is site-specific, both defines data and releases the imagination to construct narratives of its own.  This is an experience common to archaeologists, where reconstruction around an artefact often requires an active and informed imagination. 

Therefore the map records experiences in time rather than geographical location.  It attempts to convey the information that the building, formerly known as the Royal Auction House, has not only been an auction house and an estate agents’ office, but a hospital, a brothel and a zoo as well.  Or so rumour has it . . . . . . . .



Carmen Mills




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