20 August 2011


It’s full steam ahead as I try to finish my work in time for the Preview Evening of the exhibition next Friday, 26 August 2011.  The exhibition has the title ‘Surface Value’, and is put together by a group of six fine art students, three are just going into their final year, and three of us have just graduated.  The work we have been making is inspired by the building seen above, Crescent Artspace, and what we have heard about it’s history, as well as the rich layers of texture that can be found on its various floors.

I’ve made three wall paintings in black and white.  The idea was based on the fact that the building with its various roles in the past represents a place of different worlds.  My work is in response to that of another exhibiting member who is making ‘moons’ , 3D spherical structures that examine notions of space, and the ambiguity of reality.  I made sketches of the surface of two of his ‘moons’, and then developed three of them into wall paintings.  One is 12′ high, but the one I’m working on in the photo is around 9′ high.  I’m glad I got over my fear of being up a ladder.

As well as these, I am also making a ‘map’ of the past lives of the building with pen and ink on paper, roughly 5′ x 8′.  This has finally started to come together, so I’m busily scratching away to get it finished in time for Friday evening.

Making this, I have been reminded of the work of Ingrid Calame, currently showing at the Edinburgh Festival.  Material for another post maybe.













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