8 July 2011

Right.  Got the bubblewrap?  Masking tape?  Tool box? Don’t forget labels.  Blutack.  And I’m bound to need a pencil or two.  (Life without pencils??  Surely not!)  As you can tell,  I’m in the throes of getting ready for an exhibition, this time at the wonderful venue of the Triton Gallery at Sledmere House, pictured above.


It’s a fabulous place, as you can see from this interior on the right, and I’m excited about going there.


The exhibition is called ‘East Coast Artists’ and runs from Saturday 9th July to Friday 15 July.


My work is then staying on to take part in a second exhibition at the same venue, which goes on till the 29th July. 


I  haven’t yet been around the house, but I shall put that right next week.  I’m looking forward to seeing the Turkish Room, seen here on the left.  What a beautiful blue! And I’m intrigued with all the pattern.


Now I have to wait for the van I’m borrowing to turn up.  I’m taking ‘Myth:Balder and the Ice Stars’ with me, so it needs transport of an appropriate size, being a free-standing curved structure that’s 15′ long, albeit in three sections. See previous posts to learn more about it.  I also have three other large paintings, two framed A1 drawings, two framed A3 drawings, and six framed A6 drawings.  And that’s just my contribution.  There are six or seven of us in the group, and we’re all taking as much work as we can to see how it all looks when we get there tonight.  I’m told that the Triton consists of three very large rooms.  It’s a big gallery.  An exciting space.  Come and see it.

So now that the hanging fixtures, printing and wrapping is done, I’m getting ready to go to work.  When I get back shortly after 6pm, the van should be here.  Then it’s a case of easing paintings into it  and setting off!  And just in case, I’ll need to take string, a screwdriver, mirror plates, pliers, metal ruler, a hammer or two.  Oh, and sandwiches, coffee , chocolate biscuits , crisps . . . . . .

Carmen Mills




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