15 April

Well, I threatened you last time with the sight of one of my short  artist statements, and here it is:


 Abstract Art Meets Archaeology

Carmen constructs pictorial space with an archaeological narrative and a contemporary human touch to make abstract paintings and drawings.  Movement characterises her work, which in its turn introduces an awareness of space and time, both of which are vital components of her preoccupations.   Using juxtaposition, she makes a complex building up of layers with a limited palette, aiming particularly at balance of composition.  Line is particularly important to her, and she produces series of finished drawings employing a body of marks with cartographic overtones in order to reference charts and maps, and the ceaseless business of travelling as a metaphor both for learning about the world, and for finding her place in it.

Carmen’s starting point for making art is archaeology, and therefore the landscape plays an important part in her work.  She takes archaeological vocabulary and seeks to find pictorial form for such concepts as ‘stratification’, ‘excavation’, ‘analysis’ and ‘interpretation’, using particular places as the focus of her pictorial investigations.  ‘I see my work as a single vision, an abstract response to issues of time, but with roots in the real world,’ she says.

Her current work is about the archaeological site at Star Carr, and the wall painting ‘Myth:  Balder and the Ice Stars’ which builds on the drawings that have preceded it, investigates ideas of resonance and connectivity with ancient peoples and their mysterious lives.

So there you have it.  That is the text for the brochure that we third years as a group have arranged to have printed for the Preview Evening.  And it’s a good start for the longer version that has still to be written.

But I have been writing other things today.  I realised that the text of the myth I wrote called ‘Balder and the Ice Stars’ would be too long in its original form to be presented as rolling text to accompany the wall painting, so I’ve re-written it to make it more manageable.  It’s a pity really that I had to cut it.  The Norse myths are full of invention.  I enjoy a good story.  I just hope that visitors to the Degree Show will too.


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