21 March 2011

Saturday was such a brilliant day.  I took part in Flora Parrott’s Forum Day  at Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton-le-Hole, as an activity that was part of her residency there.  The morning was warm and sunny, ideal, as the activity I’d organised needed good weather.  I spoke briefly about my work to twenty or so people, and showed them my ‘Route 1′ work, which included my 8’ long drawing in graphite based on Scarborough Headland.  Then we walked from the museum gallery up to the patch of Spaunton Moor that Flora had marked out for her own investigations, and which is the inspiration for her current exhibition ‘Dipole’.  Everyone entered into the spirit of things and made quick ‘walk sketches’, each of which had to be labelled North, South, East, West, Up or Down.  I then transposed the sketches onto six sheets of tracing paper, appropriately labelled  North etc, so that layers of drawings built up over each other.  The effect is quite beautiful.  I then made a quick drawing from the composite on an extra layer of tracing paper over the whole, and this is going to be developed into a bigger drawing as a record of the day’s walk.  Once used, the original sketches were then glued onto a long roll of paper.  On this occasion it was about 20′ long.  Then I drew over the top with a line to join the whole thing together.  If I’d had more time I would have developed that line  in a more lyrical manner.  As it was, everyone seemed to be very pleased with what we had produced between us.  For me, it was a very rewarding experience.


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